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Our quest is to produce contemporary, immersive write-ups on Lopatin Flutes.

What’s much more, Lopatin Flutes is constantly looking for imaginative, brand new suggestions from authors such as you.

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Remember to present pitches and completed posts for consideration operating the form the following.

  • Choice will be given to authentic reporting and analysis, but we will also consider commentary.
  • Submissions really should range in between 500 & 1000 words.
  • We endorse first pitching topics to us well before you prepare it!
  • We anticipate submissions as a Word document rather than a PDF.
  • We encourage the use of in-line hyperlinks for acknowledging sources.
  • Please send your write-up or pitch just once. You shouldn’t submit it many times!

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That’d be great! We hold the right to tweak it for Search Engine Optimization, design or just to make it more interest-grabbing. But if you need propose one, that makes our task more convenient.

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We will revise for content and clarity, doing our best to maintain your voice. You will be able to view our changes just before we go live.

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Content should be written in blog style, with succinct passages and plenty of white space. Including a few sub-headings is much appreciated, and remember use only one space in between sentences!

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Sure! Kindly do! You’ll get a great deal more viewers with a good picture!

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Our very own system makes use of the e-mail to catch your avatar from Gravatar, so make certain your image is submitted there.

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When it runs, we hope you’ll be active in the commentary, responding to visitors’ issues or insights.

We look ahead to your participation!

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